Olivari - Built for Design & Quality

Starting with brass billets, Olivari handles are forged, milled, polished, buffed, chrome-plated and hallmarked with a laser.

Olivari has attained ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certifications.

Olivari develops relationships with many of the most famous architects & designers worldwide, collaborating to produce the finest design-based handles of all time.




Our Collection - Available at the Showroom

Olivari introduced the Resign material in the process of door handle design, which has revolutionized from this moment on the use of shapes and colors.

Recently, Olivari has introduced the SuperFinish, a new technological process that keeps the surface color and brightness unaltered over time. With this technology, Olivari is able to provide a 30-year warranty for its products.

All the models come in different finishes including CHROME PLATED - SATIN CHROME or MATTE CHROME - BLACK - GOLD.

For more varieties and finishes, feel free to contact or visit the Showroom.