Manital - Passion for Design & Love for Detail

Production is 100% Made in Italy; every detail and every manufacturing phase is entrusted to highly qualified specialists within the corporate structure. 

Manital has attained ISO 9001 (Quality Management) certification since year 2008.

The Ultra Slim Innovation (USI) rosette is a technical innovation made to enhance the perfect opening and closing of the door in just 3 millimeters.  

Manital provides the widest range possible of finishes, some of which are shown in the gallery. 




Our Collection - Available at the Showroom

An essential element for the international success of this "Made in Italy" is the close cooperation established by the company with several of the best Italian and international designers.

Thanks to various collections and finishes, the customer has a wide range to choose from, selecting the one that best suits his architectural style and finishing requirements.

From the most precious details, as the Swarovski crystals, to the more classical styles, the Manital brass handles can meet any requirement and aesthetic trend.

Manital offers experience, attention to detail and passion, guaranteeing top quality Made in Italy handles.