Bronzes De France - Série unique de Serrurerie d'Art

During the XIX century and in order to promote the heavy hardware industry, the French government authorized a few bronze artists to reproduce the door and cabinet hardware installed in the numerous state owned Châteaux et Palaces of the former Kingdom of France. Unfortunately, a large number of those collections have since then disappeared. 

Bronzes De France now manufactures four of those unique collections, the designs and the models of which were passed down through generations of the families who originally created them back in the 19th century.

Today, and under the auspices of Bronzes De France, these historical designs are still created using the traditional methods of hand and craftsmanship. Also, the intricate detail is accentuated using the same techniques of hand chasing that are used in the fine making of jewelry.




The Collections - Available by Order

Bronzes de France specializes in manufacturing made-to-order Door & Cabinet Hardware.

All models are actually made with 100% Solid Bronze. Therefore, Bronzes De France products are only available by order.  

To set an order you'll have to contact our sales team or visit the showroom.